Our Story

Hello, World!!
Fresh, fun, free-spirited—we are Firky, a sustainable fashion trailblazer for kids!
A utopia where little ones roam in trendy and comfortable outfits, bursting with individuality, and spreading eco-friendly joy wherever they go! And now, our sustainable vision has brought this utopia to life through FIRKY's fashion-forward and eco-warrior collections. We're in awe!

And here's the spark that sets us apart - FIRKY brings a journey down memory lane through our thoughtfully designed collections that capture precious memories for parents, adding a unique essence of nostalgia to every single style.


Manan Nahar

Manan, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, is the brain behind Firky. His strong work ethics , problem solving skills and visionary leadership ,helps in managing the pressure of scaling up. He skillfully manages logistics and business economics with utmost care.
He has a keen eye for details, and his sharp analytical abilities bring so much good vibes to our Firky studio everyday.

Kriti Nahar

Kriti, a passionate fashion designer, has a distinct vision of bringing high-quality, handcrafted clothing to the world.
Her designs focus on natural fabrics and traditional printing , reimagining age-old traditions and techniques for the new-age consumers.
Remaining true to her bespoke sensibilities, she believes in prioritizing customer satisfaction to create fun and relatable fashion-forward styles with impeccable quality.